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BIZINT stands for Business Intelligence, and is a mobile- and web-based application used by Operational Planners, Senior Contracting Officials, and Contingency Contracting Officers to “see” commodities and services available in the commercial marketplace in countries and regions where we operate now, and where we may operate in the future.

BIZINT was developed and optimized to plan for and execute Joint Force commercial support requirements.

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Market Intelligence

Interacting with BIZINT’s map-based interface, users can define a region and quickly view the capacity of commodities and services available in the region. If the region selected doesn’t meet the supply capacity needed, users can “zoom out” to look for additional capacity. Once the user’s market research is completed, a list of available commodities and services in the viewable region can be exported in a CSV file. Users can filter and sort by class of supply and commodity tags to further refine results. In about a minute’s worth of time, users can easily understand the commercial market’s capability to support operations and exercises.

Vendor Management

BIZINT users can quickly and easily add, edit or delete a vendor. Commodity and service capacity associated with each vendor has been customized to return the most useful quantities and unit of measure information. For example, aircraft hangar space and size available for lease at an airfield is quantified by thousands of cubic feet. This information is visible to any BIZINT user and can be filtered and exported. Vendor-based commodity and service capacity data is collected from multiple sources: existing government vendor databases, vendor outreach efforts, and traditional “boots-on-the-ground” collection practices.

Key Features

BIZINT's core features are supported by a variety of functions that extend the application's capability and provide greater detail about the commodities and services available in the marketplace.

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