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BIZINT has been developed as a mobile and web application to support military operations by providing a snapshot of the known capacity of commodities and services available in the commercial marketplace. It is intended for use by DoD functional planners, senior contracting officials, and contingency contracting officers.

The BIZINT application gives users the ability to view, add, and manage vendor profiles. Additional features include the ability to download a region of vendor information to access while offline, share market research reports, and gain visibility into the ability of the local market to support military operations.

Privacy Policy

"User" means those who voluntarily give information about themselves when signing up for the mobile application.

"User data", "data", or "information" refers to information that includes role, first name, last name, email, and password, that are collected through the app.

"We" refers to the BESPIN (Business and Enterprise Systems Product INnovation) and BIZINT teams. This includes Oddball or the contractor of record, BESPIN, Air Force, and other government entities.

"You" or "anyone" means any user using the app.

"Vendor" means a business or reseller that may provide commodities or services.

BIZINT collects, stores, and protects personal information that includes role, first name, last name, government email, and application password. The information collected is already used for official government purposes, and is only collected from individuals who are designated to use the application. All of this information is collected voluntarily when the User requests an account for the app.

Data is used for establishing and maintaining accounts and allows the User to enable the mobile app features. It is also used for tech support reasons so we can communicate to Users when a problem has been resolved. We record statistical information used to assess how frequently various features are used in our app and how effectively they deliver the intended outcomes so that we can continuously improve our application and user experiences. We do not include any personally identifiable information in this reporting.

A User is able to request deletion of their data by contacting BIZINT’s support team at and providing the email the User used to register for the application. We timestamp our records to help identify stale data for all user types and may purge old records from time to time.

BIZINT also collects, stores, and protects information about a vendor that provides insight into details about a vendor and what they offer. This data includes vendor name, website, contact name, contact phone number(s), contact email address(es), language(s) spoken by the contact, vendor address, GPS coordinates, additional location notes, how this vendor accepts payment, if this vendor is registered in, if the government has ever contracted with them in the past, if, and how far, this company can deliver, and the vendor’s hours of operation. Additional information can be captured that indicates commodities and/or services the vendor offers, including the name of the commodity or service provided, image(s) associated with commodities and services, typical commodity/service availability, minimum lead time for the commodity/service, and any additional notes a user may input.

This application does not collect or store data in such a way that is considered PII, CUI, FOUO, or proprietary to the vendor. The user is responsible for ensuring the data they upload is not considered PII, CUI, FOUO, or proprietary to the vendor, and always remains at the unclassified level.

However, should any data be collected which is subject to the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC 552a(I)(3)), such data will be protected at all times and will not be shared with third parties. Data or information from the application will not be published, disclosed, released, revealed, shown, or otherwise disseminated to anyone outside of the BIZINT Team without prior approval from appropriate government authorities. Data will not be shared with third parties and will not be used for commercial marketing purposes. Users have the ability to request the deletion of data by contacting the Support Team at The distribution of data from the application is given by least privilege.

Terms of Service

Use of the application constitutes acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and the USG Terms and Conditions

Any use of the application that violates these terms is grounds for removal. Inappropriate content is prohibited. Inappropriate content includes any content which is prohibited by law, regulation or policy or which is offensive or not related to the purposes of this application. All inappropriate content is judged and evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the associated Government Organization.

For questions regarding our standard operating procedures please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Copyrighted material may only be used with the written permission of the owner. We have the right to take down or remove any content that may be copyrighted when brought to our attention. If you think something needs to be removed due to copyright infringement, please contact for assistance.

You accept all content is owned and controlled by the associated Government organization.

You agree not to scrape or crawl our mobile application for data.

We reserve the right to make changes and update any information within the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service without prior notice.